Financial Advisory Services

The area of Financial Advisory Services has a team of professionals with international profiles and global and local expertise in mergers and acquisitions, transactional context assessments and litigation, construction and review of financial modeling.

From due diligence, valuations and litigation support to restructuring underperforming businesses, Mazars Transaction Services offer vendors, purchasers and financiers all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their transactions.

Tailored services, technical excellence, confidentiality and ethical behavior build the long-lasting relationships we share with our clients, whether large groups, mid-caps or private equity investors.

Mazars Transaction Services is a dedicated team of professionals and partners within the Mazars partnership, supported by the expertise of Mazars' auditors, consultants and tax experts in Europe, Asia, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

A dedicated senior partner assigned to your particular project, coordinates sector and profession specific expertise within Mazars in order to provide you with a personalized service.

Our services include:

• advising on transactions (due diligence): financial and tax advice, with the aim of evaluating the financial performance of a company or identifying contingencies, operating alongside the buyer or seller throughout the transaction process and after its completion.

• valuation of assets/business: valuations of companies or assets in "pre-deal" to support negotiations or corporate reorganizations, or during the "post-acquisition", for accounting or tax purposes in accordance with Brazilian accounting standards (CPC) and international standards (IFRS).

• financial modeling (project finance): advising on financial and fiscal review of infrastructure projects, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and other financial modeling in a strategic context.

• litigation and arbitrations: investigations in the context of litigation and arbitration of economic and financial nature (assessment of damages and loss of profits, price adjustment post- purchase transactions etc.).

Due Diligence

Financial Advisory Services: Due Diligence.
At Mazars we assist you with acquisition due diligence and vendor due diligence.


Financial Advisory Services: Valuation
At Mazars we help you value your investments, business and assets.

Project Finance and Financial Modelling Services

Financial Advisory Services: Project Finance and Financial Modelling Services
Our vision is to establish Mazars as the pre-eminent financial advisory firm in the global infrastructure market. We are one of the few firms who are able to combine market leading expertise with deep knowledge of our chosen sectors - our difference is to be able deliver that capability worldwide as one team.

Forensic, litigation and arbitration

Financial Advisory Services: Forensic, litigation and arbitration
At Mazars we deal with complex investigations and dispute resolution assignments throughout the world and facilitate positive resolutions. This can include determining and documenting relevant facts and events, analysing and concluding upon the impact of the financial information and providing assistance with negotiations.