Podcast - Sala de Negócios

A weekly production that transits through things as innovation, entrepreneurship, finances, technology and other topics, that are part of the business world.

The integrated planning in modern organizations is essential, combining processes, people, and technology to address operational complexity and vast volumes of data. It's a strategic necessity that encompasses managing large datasets, process optimization, and effective leadership. As organizations adapt to an ever-changing environment, the ability to integrate processes, people, and technology becomes a competitive advantage, enabling not only survival but flourishing in an increasingly complex and dynamic market. 

Periodic review of routines and adoption of advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things, are crucial for optimizing decision-making. Furthermore, the decentralization of decisions requires strong leadership and a commitment to unified planning, using technology to process and analyze data, ensuring agility and accuracy in business strategies. 

The Sala de Negócios Podcast, in episode #148 features Leonardo Kuzume, Head of Financial Planning at CerradinhoBio, who shares his experiences in integrated management and strategic planning, and how this has contributed to the company's growth. 

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