Annual Census of Foreign Capitals in Brazil

This year, the delivery of the statement of the Annual Census of Foreign Capitals can be held from 1 July to 15 August.

The requirement is for all legal entities, including investment funds domiciled in Brazil, which had on December 31, 2013, in their social capital, stocks, shares or other equity instruments, the participation of an individual or legal person not residents within the criteria below: 

  • Equal and exceeding equity a $ 100 million and simultaneously direct participation in any amount, non-residents in their capital; 
  • Outstanding balance exceeding $ 10 million in short-term trade credits granted by non-residents, regardless of foreign participation in their capital. 

Individuals or direct administration of the Union, States, Federal District and Municipalities are not required to provide the statement. And the non-delivery of the declaration, delay, error or defect is subject to a fine by the Central Bank of Brazil up to R $ 250,000.00.