Our focus is directed to the search for complete solutions to help business leaders in choosing the best strategy and improving the management of processes, technologies, projects, people and risks.


Business transformation has become a complex and ongoing trend, today’s must-have to remain competitive in the market.

Mazars clients, European and global organizations in the financial, industrial, service and public sectors, recognize our pragmatic, tailor-made and effective services ... the Mazars signature.


Our value proposition

  • Our value proposition systematically correlates results with financial and non-financial indicators as well as highlighting drivers for growth. 
  • Mazars benefits from a proven approach in assuring the quality of its clients' results and we apply the same rigour to performance improvement, process and support functions optimization, risk management and financial performance.


Our global team and approach

  • over 500 professionals (including over 50 partners)
  • Acting in  over20 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa
  • Delivering made-to-measure and innovative solutions
  • To national and international clients (advising 8% of Fortune 500 Europe companies)


Our services include:

• GRIC: risk management, mapping and review of internal controls and processes, special jobs, support to the internal audit and analysis of possible fraud.

• Blue Line: recertification, support to the structure - implementation of controls, IT.

• Information technology: audit support/consulting/processes outsourcing and accounting services, implementation and homologation, review of parameterization, compliance (security/processing/environment), analysis of possible fraud and project management.

• Government: regulatory audit, PPP, compliance with Law on Money Laundering.

• Strategy: review, critique, design and redesign of business strategy and implementation support.

IT Consulting

Our focus is directed to the search for comprehensive solutions to help IT business leaders to find the best strategy and improving the management of information technology.

Strategic Cost Management

Companies are constantly seeking ways to reduce costs and expenses in order to improve operational efficiency. Usually this search is motivated by competition , economic instability , the need to improve profitability by demanding investors , among others.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Since January 2014, the Act establishes assumptions which must be met by companies in fighting corruption.

Failure to comply with the provisions of the Act can result in fines of up to 20 % of sales, full compensation for the damage caused to public coffers and closing of the activities of the corporation, among others.

Crisis management

In an economic environment as complex and volatile as the existing these days, it is normal that companies go through periods of difficulties and have an unexpected accumulation of damage that can lead the company to a financial debt level of generation capacity Business box. Below check out the four possible scenarios of a company.

Opex Reduction

Solução prática e objetiva que consiste substancialmente em renegociação de contratos com fornecedores, focada na redução dos valores praticados, preservando e/ou aumentando a eficácia dos serviços/produtos.

Orçamento Positivo - OBZ

O Orçamento Positivo é uma solução comprovadamente eficiente na construção e no gerenciamento da peça orçamentária de gastos e Capex, aplicável a organizações de todos os tamanhos e segmentos.