Crisis management

In an economic environment as complex and volatile as the existing these days, it is normal that companies go through periods of difficulties and have an unexpected accumulation of damage that can lead the company to a financial debt level of generation capacity Business box. Below check out the four possible scenarios of a company.


1) Understanding the various causes and effects [storm - satellite view x floor view] 

a) How the crisis is and how it would affect your company.

b) What is the strategic positioning.

c) There is and what are the financial resources for the company can afford.


2) When there is no box [bad financial position]

a) to sell assets (non-core)

b) Reduce costs.

c) Reestrurar debts.

d) sell part of core assets.

e) Strategic partnerships that create synergies.


3) When there is cash

a) Investing in Marketing (increase revenues and margin).

b) Reduce margin strategically.

c) Reduce costs - when the results do not happen or at the expected rate.

d) Tighten the monitoring of the market, finance and projects.

e) Reassess long-term projects.

f) Redirecting resources to core activities.

g) Acquisitions.


4) Develop Action Plan [Diagnostics]

a) Low effect with little box (monitoring).

b) High effect with little cash (sanitation actions of immediate effect / survival).

c) Low effect with box (top management and project review).

d) High end with box (strengthen leadership, top management actions and project review).




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