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At Mazars, we combine international business and industry knowledge with unique insights into existing and emerging trends to offer our clients in the Real Estate industry preeminent services including, audit, financial advisory services, consulting, tax and regulatory and compliance advice.


Our external audit portfolio includes European-based Real Estate businesses among the Fortune-Europe Top 100 such as BNP Paribas Real Estate and Bouygues Group, for whom we act in over 20 countries.

A tailored audit strategy for Klepierre Group

A major European player in commercial real-estate, Klépierre combines expertise in terms of development with rental and asset management. Mazars performed the legal audit of consolidated accounts of Klepierre under tight deadlines.


Optimization of internal control processes

As a publically traded organization, our client was required to strengthen their compliance team in order to be line with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Using our firm’s deep business process and information technology internal control capabilities we were able to assist management in developing the proper documentation supporting their necessary compliance.  We worked diligently with the board and management as well as our client’s external auditors to assure all requirements were  met in an efficient and timely fashion. 

Parameterization System paragraph Takaoka Empreendimentos

The Y.Takaoka Empreendimentos SA was conceived hair engineer Yojiro Takaoka , a founder of Construtora Albuquerque Takaoka , Empresa que consolidated A Business Proposal differentiated and became the ONE SEVEN MAJOR Brazil.

Accounting and Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Solution for Accounting, Consolidation and Reporting

Mazars has assisted our client with tailored financial and taxation solutions  in several European countries for many years.  We prepare the quarterly financial data reporting and consolidation of 25 real estate companies of the Group.

Accounting outsourcing and Audit Committee of BNCORP

The BNCORP is a developer dedicated to the development of commercial, corporate , mixed-use and retrofit . It is the only company in the market with an exclusive focus on these segments.