Our References

Across the world, Mazars works with retail companies of every size, from growing private businesses to some of the largest international groups. By combining vast industry knowledge and considerable expertise in a variety of fields, Mazars’ team provides invaluable commercial insight and technical ability. Our approach is always hands-on and collaborative.


Statutory auditor of the Carrefour Group

With a global presence in 33 countries, 60% of Carrefour’s revenue comes from abroad. The group is the second largest retailer worldwide. The multinational retailer appointed Mazars as its statutory auditor in 2011 to strengthen its external audit procedure. Before this appointment, Mazars conducted assessments of key control procedures for several countries including Argentina, China, Spain, France and Greece.

Accounting and Outsourcing Services

ERP implementation project management for Besni

The Besni is a major São Paulo fashion retail chains. Founded in 1966, the first chain store opened in early Vianco Street, downtown Osasco. Today there are 37 stores. Mazars attended the project management of a new ERP.

Accounting reconciliation for Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a network of building supply stores, finishing, decoration, gardening and DIY, founded in France in 1923.

Financial Advisory Services

Securing the Casino Group’s acquisition process

The Casino Group operates a wide range of hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores in France, Asia and South America, with close to 4,000 stores. Commercial partnerships and acquisitions are an important lever of development for the Casino Group to contribute to its growth and new markets strategy. Mazars’ team assisted the group with several acquisition projects, mainly related to franchisee networks, by performing financial and tax due diligence.


Internal Auditor of Restoque S.A.

The Restoque is a leading specialty retailer of apparel industry and high-end accessories in Brazil. Currently has the following brand: Les Lis Blanc, Dudalina, JohnJohn, Bobô, Rosa Chá, Individual and Base. The team at Mazars assisted in the review of processes and controls costs area.

Internal Auditor in GPA

The GPA is a company of the Casino Group, a world leader in food retailing. Brazil's largest retailer, with more than 2,100 outlets, is the largest private employer in the country in its industry, with over 151,000 employees, and a logistics infrastructure comprised of 56 distribution centers. We assist the client in the audit of Advertising Area processes.