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Mazars' Transport & Logistics practice brings together multidisciplinary teams from all over the world united by their expertise and experience in this complex and fast-changing industry. Our teams have decades of experience working with the diverse actors that make up this sector, from logistics providers and freight forwarders to airport authorities and railway operators.

Logistics & Freight forwarding

Statutory auditor of TNT express

TNT Express N.V. is an international courier delivery services company operating in more than 60 countries and delivering documents, parcels and pieces of freight to over 200 countries. Mazars is the local auditor in more than 40 countries. A knowledge sharing platform has been developed to improve transparency and facilitate exchange between local management, local auditors, central management and Mazars teams (document sharing, monitoring work in progress, managing communications).

Statutory Auditor of Hamburg Sud

Hamburg Süd is a German maritime carrier founded in 1871. Today, it is among the ten largest in the world container shipping lines and is one of the leading providers in the North-South trades.

OSM Brazil - global mobility, transfer price

The OSM Group is a supplier of high quality vessels and offshore management services, with operations worldwide. The company has a wide range of services, and is serving customers in the most attractive shipping segments. The vision of the OSM Group, "it's all about people" ("it's all about the people!") Reflects our focus on:Terceirzador official accounting and tax processesMultiterminais is an integrated logistics company that has deployed the first Retroportuário Bonded Terminal in Brazil in 1986, in an area adjacent to the Public Port of Rio de Janeiro. The port was operated at the time by CDRJ - Dock Company of Rio de Janeiro.