Fixed Asset Valuation

Financial Advisory Services: Fixed Asset Valuation
At Mazars we help you value your investments, business and assets.


Our services include:

  • Valuation of fixed assets (fair value or market value).
  • Asset management: inventory count, inventory identification tags and reconciliation of physical count to accounting records.
  • Preparing independent valuation reports in accordance with accounting and tax standards for the purposes of:
    • Impairment tests [CPC 01], Business Combination [CPC 15], Review of Useful Lives [CPC 27], among others.
    • Fair Value Measurement of Investment Property [CPC 28], Inventories [CPC 16], among others.
    • Determination of fixed asset appreciation for compliance with Law 12973/14 and Normative Instruction 1700/17 of Brazilian Revenue Service.
  • Valuations to support deals, insurance, bank guarantee, auction, etc.


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