Transaction Advisory Services - Due Diligence

At Mazars we assist you with acquisition due diligence and vendor due diligence through the traditional scope, which is the basic investor expectation, and critical issues, with the aim of achieving your investment plan.


Buy-side Due Diligence

We assist you with the management of acquisition processes.
Mazars Transaction Services support you at every stage of your project by: 

  • Analysing the target’s historical and future performance.
  • Identifying and analysing the main financial drivers that impact the purchase price.
  • Analysing tax and labour practices and potential risks.
  • Helping to draft price adjustment clauses.
  • Conducting a post-acquisition audit and preparing an opening balance sheet.

Vendor due diligence

We also help you handle sales processes:

  • Compiling pro forma financial statements.
  • Analysing historical performance, and performing a critical analysis of or building a business plan.
  • Anticipating tax and labour issues and potential risks.
  • Organising the data room.
  • Providing guidance at all stages of the negotiation process and to optimize the selling price.


Each project begins with an assessment of the particularities of each transaction and a services proposal based on our experience.

Due Diligence: Traditional Scope

  • Adjusted profitability for the last 2 years.
  • Debt and working capital.
  • Tax procedures and contingencies.

In addition to the due diligence, additional high value-added analyses can be carried out in the context of each investment project.



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