Global China Services - China Desk

Mazars China Desk is a global platform comprised of international experts where China related expertise, experience and resources can be shared, integrated and maximized, to better support the expansion of Chinese companies internationally.


Our Values / 我们的价值观

  • Multilingual: smooth communication is the guarantee to get the information promptly
  • International footprint and mindset. Thanks to our independent, integrated and international partnership
  • A pragmatic, pro-active and problem-solving approach backed by a deep understanding of Chinese needs.


  • 多语言能力 - 交流顺畅,确保我们能及时掌握信息资讯。
  • 遍布全球,国际视野 - 有赖于我们独立、一体化和国际化的合伙机制。
  • 务实有效,积极主动,解决问题 - 凭借深谙中国市场需求的工作方法。


Communication/ 沟通

  • Experts with multiple languages expertise (especially Chinese Mandarin) can make communication seamlessly.
  • Culture: professionals who have understand and knowledge of multiple cultures (especially China) for better understanding your needs


  • 语言 - 团队专家掌握多门语言(尤其是中文),保证沟通顺畅无阻。
  • 文化 - 专业人员熟悉多国文化(尤其是中国),更懂您的需求。


Coordination/ 协调

  • Easy: Our GCS leader will be your single point of contact and the responsible for coordinating the engagement
  • Fast: rapid deployment of cross border support where and when you require it


  • 简单 - 海外中国部的领导将作为您的一站式联络人,负责协调事宜。
  • 迅速 - 无论何时何地,迅速按需配置跨境支持。


Approach / 方法

  • Tailored: appropriately sized teams and advice tailored to your size, sector and investment destination
  • Flexible: flexible and cost-effective service approach to meet your requirements


  • 定制 - 根据您的公司规模、行业领域和投资去向组织服务团队,提供指导意见。
  • 灵活 - 服务方式灵活变通,经济划算,满足您的需求。


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