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The volatility of commodities is an undeniable reality in global markets, and sugar is no exception to this characteristic. Determining the price of sugar is a task that falls entirely on the global market for this product. Various variables come into play in defining this price, making cost control a key factor in ensuring satisfactory profit margins. After all, the company has no control over the price of sugar, but it can control its own costs. In this scenario, maintaining high levels of agricultural productivity is essential for the sustainability of the business. 

To shed some light on how companies in the sector have faced this challenge and maintained high levels of profitability, Stephanie Capitani, an energy specialist consultant at Mazars, spoke with Tiago Novaes, CFO of Usina Santa Adélia, which produces more than 6.2 million tons of sugarcane per year – which, in turn, generate sugar, ethanol, and energy. 

In this conversation, Novaes explains how the company has utilized the Lean Manufacturing technique – a method created by Toyota in the 1950s aimed at eliminating waste, optimizing processes, and delivering maximum value to the customer with the minimum necessary resources. 

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