Annual Report

Mazars group annual reports. On this page you will find our annual reports of the group since 2010.



Striking the balance: A MAZARS PUBLICA O RELATÓRIO ANUAL 2018-2019

Ao olhar para 2020 enxergamos um futuro brilhante e promissor, mas temos consciência que os nossos stakeholders vivem tempos desafiadores. É por esse motivo que encontrar e manter o equilíbrio certo faz mais sentido do que nunca. Ao longo do Yearbook 2019, tivemos oportunidade de reafirmar o nosso compromisso com o acompanhamento do desenvolvimento dos nossos clientes, ajudando-os a navegar em ambientes complexos em que operam e a crescer de forma sustentável.

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2013/2014 Group Annual Report: “Breaking New Ground” – Welcome to the 10th edition of the Mazars Group Annual Report

“Breaking New Ground” is the embodiment of our history, the history of an organization that isn’t afraid to move forward, to be curious, to try out new tools and listen to different voices, to venture into new markets and discover new territories. At Mazars, we are convinced that the key to developing long term solutions for future generations lies in being bold. Key figures, strategies, interviews, case studies: everything you need to know about us is in the 2013/2014 edition of our Group Annual Report.

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Update of the 2010/2011 Annual Report

Following the Group’s annual Partners Conference, held in London last December, international audit and advisory group Mazars is presenting an update of the seventh edition of its annual report.

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Discover our 2011-2012 Annual Report, “Driving Progress Together”

True to its mission of strengthening financial transparency, this is the eighth consecutive year in which Mazars is publishing an annual report, voluntarily offering the transparency which is required of all its listed client companies. Our annual report presents the major events of the past financial year, within the framework of the Group's long-term strategies.

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2012/2013 Annual Report: “Paving new ways together”

‘Paving New Ways Together’ encapsulates the Mazars way of doing business. We believe that collective intelligence is key to developing long term solutions that pave the way to sustainable growth. Key figures, strategy, interviews, case studies: everything you need to know is in the 2012/2013 edition of our Annual Report.

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