Individual taxation

Personalized guidance for individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior executives.

Our expertise in individual taxation and integrated international partnerships extends our capabilities far beyond what typical wealth advisors and financial planners hired by high net worth individuals can offer. Our global team is perfectly positioned to handle tax issues for individuals with tax situations spanning multiple jurisdictions.

Our approach

High net worth clients often have complex asset portfolios that require specialized tax guidance. We work with ambitious individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior executives, offering consultancy and guidance services tailored to their busy lifestyles and helping them achieve their aspirations.

We strive to build strong and lasting relationships based on understanding and the belief that each client is unique.

At Mazars, we aim to address two challenges. The first is to assist with tax planning by creating a personalized long-term plan that can even cover multiple generations. This plan can encompass expected and unexpected events in life and business. The second is to help implement the plan by assisting with registration in multiple jurisdictions and ensuring full compliance to minimize the risk of audits.

As an organization with its own charitable foundation and working towards various good causes worldwide, we understand that many high net worth individuals wish to give back to society. We can also provide guidance on how to do so in a tax-efficient manner while maximizing positive impact.

Our services include:

  • Efficient tax structuring, including guidance on residency and domicile;
  • Estate planning and wealth succession instruments;
  • Tax compliance, such as tax return filing;
  • Guidance on charitable donations and philanthropy.

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