Labor and social security taxes

Ensure reliability and compliance with labor legislation and social security obligations.

Companies need to navigate a complex and cautious-demanding legal landscape. With hybrid and remote work dynamics and the constant transformations in the Brazilian labor market driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, it's crucial for your business to be prepared to handle procedures related to labor and social security obligations.

Our team, with a solid experience, is capable of assisting you and your company in complying with the obligations required by Brazilian legislation, while also preparing your business for future changes in the labor market.

Our Approach

In an increasingly competitive market, companies need the right people in key positions to deliver results and drive business growth. However, the Brazilian tax burden involving labor and social security costs makes hiring, maintaining employees, and even layoffs expensive and highly impactful for companies. Furthermore, failing to make these payments can result in significant fines. All of this affects business operations and makes the process of hiring and retaining employees challenging and complicated.

We understand that companies need to address these challenges to grow safely with lower operational risk. Therefore, we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, understanding their reality and providing solutions that range from compliance with current legislation to support for tax planning related to business expansion. We highly value the quality and practicality of the guidance we offer, as well as transparency and fairness in all interactions with our clients.

Our experts in labor and social security obligations provide access to a specialized network in areas such as social security, labor legislation, risk assessment, global payroll management, and HR policies.

Our Services

  • Consulting on employment contracts
  • Support for clients in planning and maintaining "remote workers"
  • Assistance for clients in ensuring full compliance with tax, social security, and payroll requirements, as well as other country-specific demands
  • Review of strategy and policy of tax equalization
  • Coordination and reporting of global payroll

Our Team

We take pride in having our own diverse, inclusive, and multicultural team, which forms the foundation of the consultancy we offer in this area. Our partnership spans over 90 countries and territories, allowing us to have a shared perspective with clients facing the complexities of workforce globalization today.

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