Helping business to put sustainability into your business strategy.

The sustainability landscape has evolved significantly in recent years. Good corporate governance and socio-environmental responsibility are not simply rooted in doing the right thing; they also bring performance benefits. We help companies address their sustainability strategies, from structuring and implementation to disclosure and assurance through independent assurance.

Our approach

Sustainability creates opportunities for companies. It can strengthen business resilience and create value across all capitals (financial, human, natural, intellectual, social/relationship, and manufactured). As more companies choose to incorporate sustainability into their business strategy and management framework, organizations will need to implement higher standards of governance and gain a comprehensive understanding of their social and environmental impact to remain competitive.

A robust sustainability approach requires a clear strategy, good governance, and high-quality corporate reporting that addresses the full range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. This will result in clear benefits: increased trust, competitive advantage, greater employee engagement, reduced waste through improved business processes, enhanced loyalty, and increased stakeholder support.

Depending on where your business is on its sustainability journey, we assemble a team of ESG experts who will focus on your unique needs and provide solutions aligned with your objectives. Whether it's supply chain management, quantifying greenhouse gas emissions, climate risk assessments, developing strategies to manage these risks, or promoting diversity, we have the expertise and experience to provide long-term support for companies. We believe that our personalized approach means you will always have the right experts for your needs.

At Mazars, we offer a wide range of sustainability services to meet your needs, including:

  • Reporting and assurance: We provide solutions for implementing sustainability reporting processes and independent assurance for sustainability and human rights reports, certification for green and social bonds, and assurance on all forms of greenhouse gas emissions reporting.
  • Strategy and due diligence: Advisory services in developing strategies and business models aligned with best practice ESG principles, as well as due diligence services to ensure compliance.
  • Implementation and transformation: Guidance and support to help your organization navigate this period of change and ensure it genuinely embraces its ethical and sustainable ethos.

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