Internal controls

Improve your answers to the risks with effective systems and controls.

Predicting and responding to strategic, commercial, operational, financial, and compliance risks are critical issues for success. Failing to do so can result not only in financial losses but also in non-compliance with regulations and reputational damage. Our integrated team of experts can help you design and implement an internal control system so that you can focus on your company's objectives.

Our approach

To ensure good internal controls, you need to have robust systems and processes in place. Without them, your company not only risks exposure to various risks but also non-compliance with regulations. Especially for financial companies, internal controls play an important role in regulatory and legal compliance. Not having the correct controls implemented can expose a company to various risks, including financial loss, fraud, and even threaten its strategic objectives.

Mazars' team offers extensive knowledge in various sectors and disciplines, and can assist you in designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating internal control systems in your organization. We have the necessary resources and knowledge to help you achieve your control objectives, through full outsourcing, shared work between companies and clients, and temporary resource allocation.

Our experts work as an integrated team and take the time to understand your company, its strategy, and culture. With their international perspective and deep experience, they can help you:

  • Create, enhance, and protect stakeholder value.
  • Transform your organization to be risk-focused.
  • Increase your credibility with regulators, clients, and funders.
  • Provide timely and accurate management information to key decision-makers.
  • Enable a more efficient and value-added structure.

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